About David Greelish

Computer Historian & Author


Notable Interviews

Interview with Ed Roberts

Creator of the MITS Altair 8800 computer

audio, classiccomputing.com

Interview with Alan Kay

Computing Pioneer (Xerox PaRC, Dynabook, etc.)

written, time.com

Interview with John Sculley

Former CEO of Apple Computer

audio, macobserver.com

Interview with Bob Cook

Founder and former President of Sun Remarketing

audio, classiccomputing.com

Interview with Mike Douglas

Creator of the Altair 8800 Clone

audio, classiccomputing.com

Interview with Steve Smith

Former owner of MITS 300/55 Business System (Altair)

audio, classiccomputing.com

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Who I Am

- Computer Historian -

My History in Computer History Nostalgia - From my Book classiccomputing.com

Book Learnin’: Classic Computing by David Greelish poprewind.com

Remembering Our Digital Past With Computer Historian David Greelish [Interview] cultofmac.com

Machine Dreams Texas Monthly, July 1994 (classiccomputing.com)

- Writer -

Is There a Walt Disney–Steve Jobs Connection? time.com (business related)

More Than Steve Jobs: Why Apple Deserves A Museum forbes.com (business related)

What's Wrong With Managers These Days? linkedin.com (business related)

- Documentarian -

EPCOT: Would it Have Worked? A Roundtable Discussion youtube.com (culture/business related)

My Podcasts

The History of Personal Computing

Currently produced podcast

Personal computer history through the lens of eBay.

Stan Veit’s History of the Personal Computer audiobook

Currently produced podcast

Stories from the early days of microcomputing.

Retro Computing Roundtable

Currently produced podcast (I am no longer involved)

News and discussions in the hobby.

Not Another Apple Podcast

Previously produced podcast

The Apple of today compared/contrasted with the Apple of yesterday.

The Classic Computing Show

Previously produced podcast

My early audio, then video show, plus interviews.